Baby Session


When is the best time for baby photos?

If you want newborn photos, they are best if they are done in the first 11 days, because babies sleep deeply and you can mold them into certain positions that are impossible when they are a bit older. Our baby plan includes the following: 3 months, 6 or 7 months, 9 or 10 months and 1 year. My personal favourite is the 6-7 month session, when they are able to sit, but not yet able to walk.

How long do baby sessions take?

We allow up to 4 hours for newborn photos to allow for feeds, wakefulness, crying, etc. The other sessions are typically under one hour.


Newborn Sessions:

How should I prepare for my newborn session?

Do your best to keep them awake for an hour or two before the session. You can do this by giving them a bath, playing with them and letting them hang around in just a diaper.

You will likely have to feed your baby when you arrive, so he or she will settle into a deep sleep after that. Make sure she is wearing something loose that doesn’t leave any markings on her body. If you can, make sure she has a loose diaper too for the same reason.

If you are nursing, do your best to avoid spicy foods and cruciferous vegetables.

Bring something to do. Newborn sessions can be time consuming. You are totally welcome to take a nap!

What to bring:

Anything special to you that you would want in her photographs (ie. a special blanket, outfit of stuffed animal).

If you are bottle feeding, please bring extra formula and bottles.

A pacifier (no matter how they are feeding), since it can help prevent them from cluster feeding during the session. It will not affect their feeding with you at all, since it won’t be used for long. Your baby may not accept one, but if they do, it makes things easier.

Bring a change of clothes as baby may pee or poo on you.

Finally, bring extra diapers.


I leave a space heater on in the studio because babies cannot regulate their temperature yet and of course they will be naked in some photos. This means you will likely want to wear T-shirts or bring a change of clothes, because it can get warm for adults! You are also welcome to leave that room, of course.

What to wear:

Adults should wear long sleeved solid colour shirts and avoid patterns, zig zags, stripes and logos as they can distract from the image.

Women can also bring tank tops as they can photograph really nicely!

Please make sure your clothes have been ironed and/or don’t show wrinkles.

Not sure how much a baby session costs?

We are happy to let you find out by looking at our baby session photography pricing sheet.


Advice for parents:

Occasionally babies smell mom and want to constantly feed. If this happens, I may ask you to have a seat. Please don’t take offense! We will be able to get better photos if baby doesn’t nurse constantly (though I am also happy to take nursing photos). Please make sure you don’t have anything scheduled for 4 hours, since newborn sessions can take that long with babies nursing, needing diaper changes, etc.

I would like to schedule a newborn session, when should I book?

Ideally, before you deliver! We will hold two weeks around your due date for you.


Older Baby Sessions

What should I bring?

Please bring extra diapers and clothing changes for your older baby sessions as they are likely to spit up, get dirty and need a change.

Bring anything your baby loves.

If your baby is eating solids, bring snacks and food.

What should I wear?

Please wear simple clothes with no patterns, stripes or logos.

Where can we do these sessions?

If there are fewer than three people in the session, we can use the studio. Otherwise, we need to go on location, either to your home or another location that would be ideal for your baby (I have lots of suggestions, depending on where you live).

How much are baby sessions?

If you are doing one long session (up to four hours), photo sessions are $350+HST including a $200 print credit.

The Milestones package is $399+HST ($100 per session, $99 for the last session). The Milestones package is 30 minutes per session in-studio and includes a 16×24 plaque mount with your favourite image from each session, once all the sessions have been completed. You come in after each session to view and order the images.

Where is your studio located?

Rabbat Photography is located in Etobicoke, around Bloor and Islington. We are on the subway line and there is free parking on our street.

How do I book?

Please call 416-763-3546 or email [email protected]

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