Alysia and Alex decided to do couple photos at The Guild Park and Gardens. The first wedding blog post I ever did was due to the fact that I was so happy with a wedding I photographed at The Guild Park in 2007.  The Guild Park is a great place for weddings and portraits because it features lots of nature, an Arts and Crafts style manor house, and a sculpture garden. In spite of living and working in different cities, Alysia and Alex met at work in 2020-she worked in the Toronto office and he worked in the Montreal one.

Black and white photo of couple on motorcycle with woman facing backwards. Their foreheads are touching.


Black and white photo of a motorcyle riding couple, with the woman in the front.


Colour photo of couple on motorcyle in front of a forest. Man in front, romantically looking behind at woman who is in front.


Black and white image of a happy couple reflected in a motorcyle mirror


Very happy couple hugging and looking at the camera with big smiles in front of the Greek stage at The Guild Inn. The Greek stage is in the background and out of focus. The couple is in focus.


Super romantic photos a the Guild Inn, in front of the Greek stage. Many is behind woman, kissing her on cheek and she is grinning.


Couple photos at the Guild Inn and Park in front of the Greek Stage. Woman is holding man around waist, man is gently holding woman's head and they are looking at each other romantically.


Romantic photo of a couple who are forehead to forehead looking at each other and hugging with out of focus trees behind them.


Romantic photos of a couple in front of blue and pink skies and Lake Ontario.