You may remember Erica and Kyle from their engagement photo session, which I had the pleasure of doing in Banff last September.  They finally came back to Toronto for their long awaited wedding!

I was very pleased when I emailed Erica to ask what the most important photos were to her and she responded, “For us, pictures of people are the most important.”

They had a fairly intimate wedding of 74 people, so everyone there was extremely special to them.

I heard a lot of people say that Kyle was usually pretty serious in photos, but he sure smiled at Erica.

Erica’s dad likes taking photographs too, so here is a picture off the back of his camera capturing Erica and her mom.  I noticed that her dad and both of his siblings were avid photographers.  Dad did a great job on the composition! I don’t think he knew that I was taking a picture of his picture.

Photo of bride and her mom before the ceremony

They got married at Willowdale Baptist Church.  I love how excited they look to be getting married.

Ceremony at Willowdale Baptist church

First kiss.

First kiss

We took most of their photos after the ceremony at Dempsey Park, which turned out to be a really great place for wedding photos in Toronto!
Their wedding party consisted of Erica’s best friend and Kyle’s brother.

Bridal party

Family photo

This photo was also taken at Dempsey Park.

Happy bride and groom

We took some more wedding photos at The National Yacht Club, since that is where Erica and Kyle’s reception took place. It was such a perfect day!

Wedding photos on the dock in Toronto

Reacting to the speeches. Erica’s dad’s speech was quite funny.

Reacting to speeches

They stood in front of this counter and I just had to take these reflections! These photos looked cool upside down, but they also look great right side up.

Bride and groom reflection

Erica and Kyle with some of their friends at sunset on the deck of The National Yacht Club.

Sunset with friends

Kyle’s speech.

Kyle's wedding speech

Their cake cutting was one of the funniest cake cuttings I have ever witnessed!

Cake cutting

First dance.  They knew how to dance!

First dance

Congratulations, Erica and Kyle! It was such an honour to be part of your wedding.  I hope you had a fanastic honeymoon in Kauai!