Check out this band on Sunday if you can! They have their CD release for “You are Found,” at the Holy Oak Cafe at 1241 Bloor St. from 9-11:30PM.
If you like most of what’s played on CBC Radio 3, you will like them! Very original, independent Canadian music. They are Montreal based. I went to high school with Erin Lang and she is a talent, as are all of the musicians she plays with.   I made another great musical discovery at her last show, when I heard David Simard for the first time.

The band.  Don’t you love that this band features a french horn?

Erin Lang and David Simard rocking out

I love when musicians have fun on stage.

Ering Lang and the Foundlings.  Having fun on stage.

David Simard and Erin Lang.

Erin Lang and David Simard