I was delighted when Dianne contacted me to photograph the momentous occasion of her father’s 80th birthday celebration in Etobicoke.  It was the first family gathering they had in a long time and it was definitely the type of gathering we all missed for the past couple of years.


80 year old man on right with his two grown daughters on left, all wearing white t-shirts.

Hehe and his grown daughters.

Two side by side vertical photos. In both photos, an 80 year old man is holding a boy around two in his lap. They are all wearing white t-shirts.

Hehe and his great-grandsons.

Man sitting on a couch holding a photo of his deceased wife.

Honouring his deceased wife by including her in the family photos.

80 year old man in middle with his grown daughters on either side of him. They are all wearing white t-shirt. He is holding a photo of his deceased wife.

Hehe, his daughters, and their mom/his wife.

Two young women in their late teens and/or early 20s each holding a 2 year old boy.

Some of the younger family members hold the youngest family members.

Two grown men in white t-shirts smiling side by side.


Man on couch with his dog, who is standing but has his right paw on the man's lap.

Grandpa’s main companion was happy to pose for photos with him!

Family of three. Two year old toddler son in the middle.

The little guy was happy to pose for photos!

Toddler son holding an orange toy car in-between his parents.

Family of three.

Family of five on couch, all wearing white t-shirts. The kids are all boys and the youngest is around 13 and is lying on the laps of everyone else.

Sometimes it’s fun to try out different poses.

Large group family portrait of 10 people, all wearing white t-shirts.

Dianne’s family.

16 person family portrait, 17 including framed photo of deceased wife/grandma. They are all wearing white t-shirts.

17-person family portrait.

Many family members all dressed in white t-shirts, doing cheers to the family patriarch


Grandpa blowing out his birthday candles, while many members of his family watch.

They didn’t put 80 candles on the cake!