Jennifer and James b0th love the great outdoors and fell in love with the Island Yacht Club.

They are both have PHDs and have been living in different cities since their engagement due to their studies (Jennifer has been living in Vancouver and Jamie has been living in Montreal).

This sign greeted the guests as they arrived at the docks.  Jamie waits patiently.

Sign to the island

Jennifer was the most casually dressed as she took the ferry to her wedding (of course, she would be changing into her stunning Grecian gown soon!).  Her hair is pinned up in a similar Grecian/Aegian silhouette.

Jennifer on the way to her wedding

Here is a detail of said gown.

Wedding dress bead detail

There was a casual atmosphere as Jennifer changed into her dress in this locker room!

Getting ready\

Their ceremony took place under this stunning tree canopy.

Ceremony under the treet canopy

Happily married!

Love the boat in the background of this silhouette. Jamie sailed from a young age and they both love boats and water.

Silhouette of bride and groom

I wonder if the geese took note of the happy couple.

Romantic photos

Yes, they are in love!


Look at those beautiful blue eyes they both have!

Jennifer and James

Congratulations, Jennifer and James!