Julia had her very first haircut last week!  That is, with the exception of the bang trims my husband and I have been giving her.  I was dreading this moment, because I knew that if she was anything like me, she would be constantly moving and very difficult at the hairdresser’s.  Miracle of miracles, she was perfect the whole time!

She had her first haircut at Melonheads in Bloor West Village.

I’m very glad I brought my camera, because their camera was broken (though they said that she can get a picture next time we go in).  We DID get a certificate that said the date and had a clip of her hair though!

Julia had lots of seating options, but she chose the horse, of course!

She doesn’t looked thrilled, but she stayed still the whole time so that’s what matters, right?

Julia in the horsey seat

They had a TV to distract the kids. It worked!

Distracted by the TV

The hairdresser gave Julia a Sandra Boynton book to look at so she would keep looking down.  That worked too!

Julia reading her book at the hairdresser

When she was done, she got to go on the horse ride, which moves up and down!  You can get a side view of her hair here.

On the ride



How old was your child the first time you took them for a haircut?  Did they sit still for it?