I had the pleasure of meeting Katrina in December, but did not get to meet Gavin until a few days before their wedding as they both lived (and are still living) in Ireland!  Gavin, fortunately turned out to be awesome, (no surprise, since he was marrying Katrina) and they were both excited about their upcoming wedding and of course, totally in love, so it was easy to get them smiling and interacting with each other.

We went to Amos Waites Park in Etobicoke, for this session, which has proven to be one of my favourite places for photos as it has a nice walkway, gorgeous setting and fewer people milling about than most nice Toronto parks.

Their favourite photo from the session is the first one on the left (below).  That’s the one they had blown up for their wedding (which will appear on this blog very soon).  We printed it with just 3 days until the wedding date and we got it to the wedding on time!

Katrina and Gavin's Engagement Photos in Etobicoke

Engagement session in Etobicoke. Happy couple.

Katrina insisted on climbing this tree.  Unfortunately, when she got up there we realized there was no room for Gavin, so he carried her down.

Engagement Session in Etobicoke

Happily engaged couple.  Toronto wedding photographer.

Having fun along the watefront

Romancing at dusk.  Engagement photos in Toronto.