I met my friend Zack on the train to Montreal when he was a budding young jazz musician and I was a jazz fan.  Zack now lives in NYC, which is where my husband and I lived when he first started dating Alice in 2007. Unfortunately, my first encounter with Alice was not until their wedding, since she lived in Holland when were in NYC!  The words that most people used to describe her were “Talented, creative and kind.”  She met Zack when she sang at jazz Festival in Holland, where she is from, but she is now doing her PhD in Economics in NYC.

I was a guest at this wedding, but I was also the official photographer for the reception.  Their wedding took place at Hillsdale Golf Course.

Congrats to Zack and Alice on such a fantastic day!

I adore the hora dance.

Hora dance with flare

Up in the air for the hora dance

Hora dance handover

You can tell they are in love from the way they are looking at each other.

Smiling at each other at the reception

Here, they are watching a video made by friends from around the world who could not attend the wedding.

watching the video greetings

Zack’s dad saved this whisky for this day from another special occasion 37 years ago.  It was handed out to all of the guests.

Toast to the wedding

Alice designed the beautiful cake and cupcakes. They matched the wedding invitations!

Cake cutting

Zack completed the cake cutting with a wink and a smile.

Showing off the cake with a wink and a smile

First dance.

First dance

Alice’s brother Danny sang an emotional song for them.

Danny singing

Zack’s sister Katie DJ’d.

Cool DJ

The bride and bridesmaids towards the end of the evening.


Alice’s family and Zack’s sisters.

End of the night family photo

Congrats on a fantastic wedding Zack and Alice! It was so nice to finally meet you, Alice!

I spent a couple of extra days in Montreal.  This is their Olympic stadium.

Montreal Olympic stadium

The jardin botanique put on an incredible exhibit.

Turtle and piano

Human family made out of bushes

They tagged monarchs.

Tagged monarch

Thank goodness for honeybees.  Here’s one at the botanical gardens.  If you are worried about colony collapse and why the bees are dying, you can help out here: