S and J were excited to have a very downtown Toronto wedding. They met lindy hop swing dancing, as you may recall from their engagement photos. They incorporated loads of fun cultural elements into their celebration and some goofy ones too. I was thrilled to see the unique and wonderful Medusa band when I arrived. They provided a beautiful soundtrack for the ceremony and cocktail hour on the fiddle, cello, and nyckelharpa.

The officiant was a progressive Christian minister who incorporated Islam on her side and Judaism on his.

Before she waltzed down the aisle, S surprised J by having one of their friends dress up as a lion and sneak up behind him as the band played music from the Lion King!  At the reception, they Lindy Hopped their first dance, did a choreographed Bollywood style dance, had a Balfolk dance lesson and several Balfolk dances that followed, and of course, they did the hora!

One of the things I love most about being a Toronto wedding photographer is getting to experience so many wonderful cultures!

The festivities began with a Mehndi (henna party), which was great as I got to meet some of the other guests first and get my own henna done.

Photo of a hand, a hand holding henna brush and decorative henna on a woman's hand.


Two ladies sitting and smiling at a bachelorette party


Two women laughing and eating in a room with 4 black and white photos behind them.


Three band members. The violin and cello are visible, the nyckelharpa is hidden behind a plant.


Groom and best man waiting for bride to waltz down the aisle


Person dressed up as a lion sneaking up behind shocked groom and best man.


Bride waltzing down the aisle


Couple saying their wedding vows outdoors as guests look on.


Two vertical side by side photos of first the bride saying her vows and then the groom saying his vows.


Couple looking at each other, smiling and laughing


Two side by side vertical photos of a just married couple. In the one on the left, they are smiling at the camera and in the one on the right, they are about to kiss


Two vertical side by side photos of a happy couple. In the one on the left, she is leaning on him with her arm extended in a dance position and in the one on the right, they are hugging and looking at the camera.


Lindy Hop!


Family photo with bride, groom and groom's parents


Large group family portrait with 8 people including grandparents and two year old


Two side by side vertical photos of bride and maid of honour outdoors in nice light.


Groom and best man hugging and smiling at the camera


Four person wedding party, outdoor portrait


Bride, friend and a stuffed animal of a Kiwi bird on the left, bride flanked by two well dressed men in photo on the right.


Triangle style photo of 5 people on left, photo of bride with band on the right. Instruments include a violin, a nyckelharpa and a cello


Beautiful blue wedding ring.


Bollywood style dance!


Two side by side vertical photos of a couple Lindy Hop swing dancing


Lindy Hop couples dance. The groom is holding one hand in front of the bride and the other behind her and his forehead is touching hers. They are both facing forward with their eyes closed.


Balfolk dance with many pairs holding hands in a circle and the groom's father looking at the camera.


Hora dance! Couple on chairs being lifted from below while each holding onto one side of a napkin.