Doug is teaching Stephanie how to skate, so they decided they wanted to do their engagement photos in the winter, on a skating rink.

We chose Colonel Sam Smith Park in Etobicoke, because it is a picturesque skating figure 8, it is refrigerated (so we knew there would ice) and there is a beach area close by to offer us a variety of ‘looks.’

Doug has been doing a fantastic job teaching Stephanie, because she stayed on her feet the whole time. More importantly, they looked they were having a great time on the ice.

Skating help

Skating Engagement Photos

Skating lift

Love skating

We went inside to warm up and decided to take advantage of this area. It looks a little like a school and Stephanie is a teacher and of course, the water fountain is prominent and Doug is a plumber, so we incorporated both their professions in this photo.


Doug and Stephanie

Engagement photos in front of historic building

I asked them to bring their favourite book, since they both like reading.  Doug brought Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Stephanie brought The Notebook.

Reading Harry Potter on the beach

Reading on the beach

Wide angle on the beach

We went back to where we started for a few more photos.

Engagement photos

Congratulations again on your engagement! I can’t wait to photograph your wedding!