Lisa emailed me two months ago, asking if I was available on April 29, and if, by any chance I would be willing to do a really, really small and short wedding.  Knowing I would have a newborn then, I said, “That’s perfect!”  And it was.

Although it was a cloudy day, there was no rain and not much wind (compared to the day before, which had gusts from the tornadoes down south that caused trees to fall and roofs to lose shingles).  Of course, though everyone hopes for perfect weather on their wedding day, what matters most is the love a couple shares, not the weather.

Terry and Lisa flew in from Hong Kong for their ceremony at Inn On the Twenty .

I was pretty surprised to find Terry getting ready in the same room as Lisa! She was happy with how much he helped her get ready before he did.

Getting ready

We went outside for the photos.  Hugging kept them warm!

Wedding Photography in Jordan, Ontario

I thought it was fitting to take a photo in front of The Canada Store, since they came all the way from Hong Kong (though Lisa grew up in Canada).

Canada wedding photography

Jordan, Ontario wedding photography

I asked them if they were willing to go for a little drive 5 minutes down the road, because I passed this little oasis on the way there.  Luckily, they were game!

The lovely couple in a gorgeous setting

This was another minute or two away.  I’ve never seen such brown water, but it looked really nice with the clouds.

Bride and groom in Jordan, ON

The owner of Ninavik Native Arts kindly invited us into her store to take some images, because she noticed that Lisa was cold. If you are ever in Jordan, ON, I recommend you check it out.

Wedding couple in Native art gallery

Wedding photos at native art gallery

Happily married!


The whole family in the room they got married in.

Family from all over the world

Finally, a handshake with their officiant, Sheldon Kofsky, who gave a beautiful ceremony.

Post Ceremony handshake with officiant

Congratulations, again Terry and Lisa! Thank you for having me as your photographer !