I have known Julia for quite awhile through lindy hop swing dancing, so I was thrilled when she finally met a man she was very enthused about.

They went on their first date at a Second Cup downtown and it was obviously not their last.

Tom and Julia live close to Yorkdale Mall, so they suggested we do their engagement photos there. At first, I was a bit skeptical since it was my first time doing engagement photos in a mall (besides BCE place, of course), but I was amazed by the nice light that streamed through the windows in the morning and I was thrilled with the variety of locations and ‘looks’ we could get in one place.

Tom and Julia at Yorkdale Mall

Tom and Julia's Engagement Photos at HMV

Tom and Julia's engagement photos in the action section of HMV

Tom and Julia At Last (Engagement Photo at HMV)

Tom and Julia engagement photo 1

Tom and Julia cuddling in together

Engagement Photo silhouette

Thanks for introducing me to a new location, Tom and Julia!

I’m really looking forward to photographing your wedding at St. George’s Golf Club on May 6th.

Congratulations again on your engagement!