Anita and Craig’s newest addition arrived just 1 day after his big brother’s birthday! If he had been born in Vancouver, they would have shared a birthday, since he arrived before 2AM.

Anita told me he slept just about all the time, but I was there for 4 hours and he was awake for at least 3 of them, maybe even 3 1/2!

Can you believe he’s just 7 days old and he has such perfect hair? I showed this photo to a friend and she remarked, “It looks like he just had a hair cut.”
7 day old baby

I love how big brother took a bit of time out his busy day to hold his little brother’s hand, just after seeing how mom admired baby.

Admiring baby brother

For young families, candids are the best!

Happy family

Congrats again on your adorable new addition, Anita and Craig!