Andrea and Ian are an extremely creative, crafty and romantic couple.  Andrea made her dress out of her mom’s wedding dress.  You can see the original on Andrea’s blog at the following link:


Andrea started out her day by getting ready at Teti Hair Salon. Not only did they do a great job, they also finished ahead of schedule.

Check out her Fluevog shoes.

Bride getting ready

I love how there were regular clients getting their hair done at the salon when Andrea was getting ready for her wedding. Those clients loved watching a bride!

Getting ready to get married at Teti Hair Salon

The wedding ceremony took place at Toronto City Hall.

Wedding ceremony at City Hall

City Hall allows a maximum of around 30 guests and we were at capacity, so these two were definitely surrounded by lots of love!

Getting married at City Hall

Photo of the guests in City Hall.

Group photo of wedding guests at City Hall

The famous Toronto sign changed. I wondered if they changed it monthly, but then realized it was changed for Nuit Blanche, Toronto. Andrea and Ian were quite happy about that.  I think the black and white Toronto sign goes a lot better with their retro tandem bike and retro style than the colourful sign.  Note their friends on bikes.   They had escorts as they biked from City Hall to Peter Pan Bistro for the reception.

Couple in front of Toronto sign

Bride and groom on tandem bike

Don’t you love the “Just Married,” sign on the bike?

Newlyweds on tandem bike

The guests really enjoyed each other’s company at Peter Pan Bistro.

Wedding guests at Peter Pan Restaurant

Ian looking dapper, as always.  He made his own jacket!

Stylish groom

Finally, the pictures many of you have been waiting to see…Andrea in her wedding dress!  Front, side and back.  Note that the dress has pockets.  Remember, she sewed this dress out of her mother’s wedding gown.

Bride who sewed her own dress

Side and back of wedding dress

Andrea picked up the flowers for her bouquet four days before the wedding and made her bouquet the day before her wedding.  Ian used the burgundy ribbon to wrap the gift he gave her on her birthday, which was also their third date. They have used it to wrap presents ever since, including her engagement ring.

Bouquet and happy couple

Andrea and Ian

They had a macaron tower from Nadege. One of her friends said there is an “Andrea 5”-Ian, sewing, physics, macarons and lindy hop.

Macaron tower

The “Andrea and Ian” pose.  Yes, they have their own pose!

Andrea and Ian's trademark kiss

Andrea has the best umbrella.  If you speak french, you will know what that means.

Wedding photos in the rain

They managed to stay grounded.

Ready to fly with a broken umbrella

Congrats on your marriage, having such a fantastic wedding day and on successfully incorporating so much of yourselves into your wedding.  I love your willingness to try anything and of course, how you are not afraid to show your love for each other in the photos.