I had the privilege of photographing Michelle and Geoff’s wedding on April 19, 2008.  It was my first wedding after giving birth, so of course I was thrilled when they asked if I was available to photograph their new baby girl.

Emily will be 6 months old on Monday.

The happy family.

Baby Emily with mommy and daddy

Ain’t she sweet?

Emily close up

She was getting tired of all those photos.  Maybe she does take after her daddy a little (he has a phobia of getting his picture taken, but in spite of that he was still willing to have me come over and take it 🙂 ).


I love this one because their noses are really squished and you can see how enthralled mom and baby are with each other.

Emily and her mommy

More photos with mommy.

More Emily and her mommy

I am especially proud of these ones, because rumour has it that Geoff doesn’t smile for the camera and this proves that rumour wrong for the second or third time (he smiled in some wedding photos too)!  Of course, it was all about Emily, which is why he was smiling.

Emily and her daddy

Happy girl.

Happy girl

Santa’s little helper.

Santa baby

One for Christmas.

Christmas photo

Congrats on your beautiful baby girl, Michelle and Geoff!