My neighbours are going to send these Christmas cards out to their family.

Yes, we do Christmas cards (and Easter cards, Birth Announcements… cards for any occasion really)!

This is the front cover.

Front cover

This is the inside (there are no black lines in real life. That’s just for the purpose of showing where the card begins, ends and folds in half).


This is the back cover


Aren’t they a gorgeous family?
It was definitely difficult deciding which photos to put in the card!  Here are some of the ones that did not make it, but we sure had trouble cutting them out.

Justin is super cool because he already knows how to stand on a skateboard and he’s only 2!!! He was also born on my birthday.


Emma is daddy’s girl.  Patrick’s family had ALL boys, so everyone was thrilled when she came along.  She had just gotten back from her Christmas crafts class.

Emma and her daddy

Ethan is a bundle of energy.  He is often found upside down.


Monique and Patrick are usually smiling.  Patrick likes to tell punny jokes.  Monique keeps busy on the committe of West Kingsway Ratepayers Association, writing her blog The One Drop of Rain Campaign , gardening, baking, teaching and somehow finding time to enjoy the children.

Patrick and Monique

We’re very lucky to have such great neighbours!