Benita and Dave got married in May, 2008.

We did a ‘one year later’ session with them.  It was a great excuse for Benita to get another use out of her beautiful wedding dress!

This is the family dog-and by family, I mean whole family. The dog lives with Benita’s parents, but her and Dave often take it for walks, etc.  I thought it would be kind of funny to put a picture with a dog beside a picture in front of a Post Office, since we all know what dogs can be like around mail delivery people.

Dog and post office

Under the bridge along the Credit River in Port Credit.

Under the bridge

Along the Port Credit Harbour.

Crazy weather day-check out those clouds!

Apparently these colourful ‘art’ bikes are everywhere in Port Credit, but this was the only one we saw.

Cool wheels!

Mirror photo

In the mirror

Benita on the rocks.

On the rocks

Congrats on your first succesful year of marriage, Benita and Dave!

If you are interested in a post-wedding session, please inquire.