Maria turned 90 a couple of weeks ago and they had a big party to celebrate!

Here she is with her daughter, Edith.  Edith hired a violinist who played beautiful Hungarian music throughout the afternoon.

Maria, Edith and the violinist

Four generations.  Alessia did not want to let go of that purse!

Maria's Family

Alessia, Henri and Edith.  Alessia gave them the dandelions.

Henri, Edith and Alessia

Genefer, her mom and Alessia.

Genefer, her mom and Alessia

Snuggle, snuggle.

Genefer and Alessia

I guess Alessia was really into giving out dandelions that day.

Genefer, Jason and Alessia

Amazing food spread.

Amazing food spread

This sour cherry soup was a hit!

Sour cherry soup

Ready to party!

Edith and Margaret

Alessia and Jason bring the cake.

Alessia and Jason bring the cake

Doesn’t she look great for her age?   She is smiling because Alessia brought her the cake.

Cake time

The entire event took place in Maria’s apartment, where she is living on her own!