This past weekend was Thanksgiving for those of us in Canada, so it’s time I gave thanks to:

Shandro Photo for taking my profile picture in Arizona.

V. Tony Hauser for taking Sarah’s profile picture.  Sarah is actually his studio manager.

Jeff Kahl , Myke Mazzei, Craig Hooton and Chris Gapski for letting us use the song “If I could be the one” as our portfolio is playing.  This song is from the Spookyhorse album “A Horse for All Seasons.”  I highly recommend you pick up a copy-it’s listed at only $5 on their site and it is worth every penny.   It could be a collector’s item.

Heidi Lange for allowing me to use her song in the one and only wedding fusion we created and for her continued support.

Finally, thank YOU for reading our blog and spreading the word about Rabbat Photography!