Dave and I met in grade 9, so I am thrilled that he is now engaged to Claire!

We will be photographing their wedding on July 17, 2010! I can’t wait.

In the meantime, here are some images from their engagement session in Oakville at Gairloch Gardens and the Erchless Estate.

Dave has always been into working out, so he was pretty happy to lift Claire up.

By the lake

They climbed the tree for these photos.

In the tree

We were really impressed with how well maintained Gairloch Gardens was.

In the garden

Happy to be kissed.

Getting a kiss

Happy to be kissed and happy to be lifted #2.

On the bridge

Playing with wolves outside the Oakville Museum.

Erchless Estates

It was REALLY windy when we took these photos and we tried to avoid the wind for the most part so we could keep Claire’s hair in check, but the windy hair looks cool in this photo.  I love the boat in the background too.

Windy day

Congrats again, Claire and Dave!