Scott stayed with my family for several Toronto Lindy Hop events over the years.

It had been a few years since we last saw Scott and I found out why when he emailed to ask if I was available for his July 1 wedding this year. It turns out that his fiancée’s parents live pretty close to us, so he had been staying with them when he came to Toronto in recent years.

Carissa lindy hops as well, but she is a woman of many talents.  She won the gold at the Chinese National Ultimate Championship in Beijing earlier this year and will be playing at the Canadian Ultimate Championships in Winnipeg later this year.

Carissa got ready at the Park Hyatt Hotel in downtown Toronto.

She actually put her earrings on with the mirror behind her, which made for a cool photo.

Carissa had photos with the ugly dolls all over the world, so of course she wanted to incorporate them into her wedding photos.  I asked her bridesmaids to give me a silly face (to try and match the ugly dolls, not that they could ever really do that, because they are all beautiful).

Carissa getting ready

Carissa and Scott’s wedding ceremony took place at Bishop Strachan School. Carissa is a BSS alumni.

Wedding at Bishop Strachan School

They had bagpiper play before the ceremony.  I love how happy Carissa and her parents looked as they walked down the aisle.

Ceremony at Bishop Strachan School

At last!

Wedding Ceremony

The entire bridal party participated in the hymn sing.

Carissa and Scott Wedding Ceremony

As soon as they exited from the chapel, the bridal party was ready with their bubbles!

Wedding party blowing bubbles towards bride and groom

Happily married!

Carissa and Scott outside BSS

I love this reflection in Scott’s brother’s sunglasses.

Reflection of bride and groom in sunglasses

They wanted to do a ninja pose, so we did!

Bridal party ninja photo

Family photos on the deck of the Palais Royale.  I have always wanted to photograph a wedding at the Palais Royale, since I go to their amazing charity lunch almost every week. I even bumped into Carissa and Scott at that lunch! The lunch was actually my first time meeting Carissa, because they live in Ottawa.

Bride and groom families at Palais Royale

I couldn’t resist taking Carissa’s photo when I saw her standing beside this window inside the Palais Royale.

Bride at window

Tea ceremony.

Tea ceremony

A few portraits of Carissa and Scott.

Palais Photos\

Laughing during speeches. Note the outfit changes.

Bride and groom laughing during speeches

They were asked a series of questions, like “Who is the better cook?” and had to answer with the appropriate shoe (without knowing each other’s answers).

Shoe game

Outfit change #3 for Carissa and their speech.

Bride and groom giving their speech

They did an amazing job lindy hopping the first dance.  Everyone was surprised to learn that it was completely improvised.

Dancing tenderly

Congrats on your marriage, Carissa and Scott!