Courtney and Daryl got married at The Nottawasaga Inn .  They were hoping for an outdoor ceremony, but it was about 10 degrees Celsius and pouring rain, so the ceremony moved indoors. Fortunately, they were still willing to go outdoors for photos.

Courtney’s Maid of Honour laces up her dress and she poses for a portrait with her mom.

Lacing up the bridal gown and portrait with mom

Reflection of the groomsmen getting ready.

Groomsmen getting ready

Bridal party

Courtney and Daryl wanted to see each other before the ceremony, so we set them up like this.  Daryl had not yet seen Courtney on the wedding day.

Bridal reveal

This was their reaction to seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day.

Bride and groom seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day

Courtney told us that her and her Maid of Honour were known for their outrageous self-portraits, so we asked them to pretend they were doing them for us.

The queens of selfies

Courtney’s mom walked her down the aisle.

Mom walking her daughter down the aisle

I love how Daryl’s looking at Courtney after her walk down the aisle. I think this is proof that seeing each other before the ceremony does not ruin the moment of seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony.

Groom seeing bride for first time

Everybody laughed throughout the ceremony (including the officiant).


It was still raining when we went outside for photos, but that was ok!

Bride and groom over bridge

Bride and groom in the rain

Note the raindrops on the photo in the photo on the right.

Portraits in the rain

The sky turned orange as we were about to wrap up.  They had a birch tree theme, and we actually found a birch tree in the wedding garden!

Cuddling in the cold

My associate, Sarah was photographing this wedding with me and she noticed this street lamp and took these awesome photos.

Bridal portraits by the streetlamp

Wedding cake and candles.  Don’t you love the birch candles?

Wedding details

First dance.

Wedding dance photo

Mother son dance.

Mother-son dance

They played a joke on Daryl for the garter toss. The poor guy was blindfolded and they put his best man beside Courtney before he retrieved the garter.

Garter joke

This was his reaction.

Pre-garter toss

There was some serious effort for the bouquet toss.

Bouquet toss

Congrats again on your marriage, Courtney and Daryl and thanks again for being so awesome about getting your portraits taken in the rain!