Elspeth and Angelo had a perfect warm and sunny day for their wedding. Their wedding took place at St. Jude’s church and Harbour Banquet Centre in Oakville.


Getting ready for the big day!

1.  What’s your favourite wedding day memory?
For me, it was a toss up between seeing ang and the moments of the ceremony and taking the pics after the wedding in the docks. For Ang it was seeing me walk down the aisle after his best man told him not to look until I was really close.

Ceremony at St. Jude's church


Bride and groom smiling during the ceremony

Wedding ceremony

Elspeth and Angelo on the docks

2. What’s your favourite Rabbat Photography picture of the day?

Walking down the aisle laughing.

Walking up the aisle

3.  Tell me about the first moment you saw your bride/groom.

I saw him before I got in the church while I was just outside the old car that drove us to the church. The minister said I was behind a tree, but I moved just as the best man took Ang into the church. I was so upset that I thought he saw me, but thankfully he didn’t. He didn’t see me until I was most of the way down the aisle, and his thoughts were just that I was beautiful.

Elspeth and her dad just before the ceremony
Group photos under the gazebo

St. Jude's church

Wedding party on the docks
Bridal party in Oakville
Romancing on the dock
Bride running towards groom
Bride running towards groom
First Dance
First dance
Father daughter dance
Mother and son dance
Groom and Nonna dance
Outside Harbour Banquet Hall
Elspeth and Angelo enjoying the deck
4.  Where are you going on your honeymoon?

We went to Greece – and it was fantastic!

5.  What are you most looking forward to as a couple?

finishing the many projects on our house and finally starting our life together

Congratulations again, Elspeth and Angelo!

Were you a guest at this wedding? What was your favourite moment?