Rob and Joan were hoping for fall colours for their engagement session at James Gardens. It was only 2 degrees celsius, but we definitely had fall colours. I made sure they cuddled lots for the photos to stay warm and of course, cuddling looks good in romantic photos. They took me to parts of James Gardens I hadn’t been to in awhile and the colours and their chemistry were incredible. I first went there over a decade ago and this was the first time I learned that it was sold to the city by the James family and that the house they lived in is still there and is now used as a recreational facility.

Thanks for choosing such a lovely spot and time of year for your photos, Rob and Joan!

Under the gazebo.


We suspect somebody got married under this archway either the day we did the session or the day before because it still had fairly fresh flowers on it.

Look at how beautiful these fall colours are!

Enjoying each other’s company at James Gardens.

Romancing on a rock in the fall at James Gardens.

They stopped to smell the roses. These roses didn’t smell though.

We walked pretty far into James Gardens and found the birch trees we were seeking.

Love is in the air.

Blue Jay.


Somebody left out lots of seeds and nuts and we stopped and watched the forest creatures for awhile. This red squirrel was super cute.

Downy Woodpecker.