I first met Rachel over 15 years ago at a dance because she made a comment about my hair, which is the same colour and texture as hers.  We became fast friends and she even introduced me to Janette, who was her Maid of Honour and my photography associate for many years.  Rachel dated extensively, but it wasn’t until she met Jay that she was ready to make that final commitment.

She was single for awhile, and some friends joked with her that she should go downstairs to the barber shop (which she lived above) and meet a man there.  That was how she met Jay.

We were all thrilled for Rachel when Jay proposed.

He is quiet most of the time, but when the party starts, he is in the middle of it. Rachel needs someone who can listen well and keep up with her and she found that in Jay.

Congratulations, Jay and Rachel!

Friends. Jane, Janette and Rachel lived together for many years a long time ago.

Jane, Janette and Rachel were roommates a long time ago. Jane came to the wedding from BC.


Some emotional moments before the wedding.


Proud father

Proud father.


Getting married

Getting married.


Happily married.



First kiss.


Happy guests

Happy guests.


Happy guests 2

More happy guests.


J and R Fireplace


Families joined together

Rachel and Jay’s families joined together.


Bridal party

Bridal party.


The moment before a kiss is always so romantic.


Romantic portraits

Romantic portraits.


Couples portraits

More portraits of Rachel and Jay.


Cake cutting and first dance

Cake cutting and First dance.


Dancing with dad.


Fun on the dance floor

Jay impressing everyone on the dance floor.


Party on the dance floor

Party on the dance floor.


Celebrating with friends

Celebrating with friends.