Esther and Alan decided they wanted to have their engagement session downtown to emphasize what Toronto does best, which involved lots of super cool graffiti, urban architecture, Kensington Market and the Spadina streetcar among other things.  If you live in Toronto, I highly recommend this type of engagement session (but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves)!

We found this wall near Queen and Spadina.  It was in an alleyway.  We were about to go around the corner, where there were more walls with more graffiti, but some other people were told to leave unless they worked there, so we decided against it.

Alan dipping Esther

This wall was just a little bit north of the other one.  We loved that it said “Paris” since they will be going there for their honeymoon!  This mural was commissioned.

Paris graffiti

This was on Queen St., close to Spadina.

Wall of flyers

I’ve always thought the Cameron House would be cool for pictures.  Added bonus-they have fabulous bands!

Cameron House

The construction on the left was in Kensington Market.  The house on the right was across the street from The Cameron House.   Esther really liked the way it looked and it reminds me of Sesame Street for some reason.

Construction and cool house

This house was in between two stores in Kensington Market and featured beautiful flowers.  We couldn’t resist taking pictures there!

Kensington Market

We found this staircase behind Grossman’s Tavern, which also features great jazz.



The Spadina Streetcar, a fixture in Toronto and a very popular way of getting around downtown.  There was even a hit song byt the Shuffle Demons in 1986 called the Spadina Bus (I’m not sure why it wasn’t called The Spadina Streetcar).

Spadina Streetcar

Congrats on your engagement, Esther and Alan! I’m looking forward to photographing your wedding next month!