I photographed Jon and Abi’s wedding 5 years ago July 17 (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!), so I was thrilled when they asked me if I did baby portraits a few weeks ago.  Jon and I went to high school together, so it’s extra nice being able to photograph the major milestones in his life.

Corrie wasn’t due until August, but this little cutie showed up 6 weeks early.

She looks pretty alert for someone who’s barely been  out of the womb two weeks, doesn’t she?

Wide awake

Newborns love to curl up…probably because they are so squished in the womb, but I think they find it comfortable.

Getting cozy

This face didn’t last for too long.

Funny face

Don’t you love how big diapers look on newborn babies?

Little baby, big diaper

Stretching out.  I bet she couldn’t do this inside mommy!

Sweet baby girl

Thinking about something.


Baby burrito.  I love how newborns can be calmed down by wrapping them inside blankies-not that she needed to be calmed down, but look how happy she is.

Baby Burrito

Kisses from daddy.

Kisses From Daddy

In daddy’s arms.

In Daddy's Arms

Eating mommy and being held by her loving parents.

Loving Mommy and Daddy

Big yawn.  She is a preemie and her mom informed me that preemies are asleep most of the time, but she was awake for most of our session.


Mommy’s friend made this beautiful and comfortable sling.  I think Corrie will spend MANY more hours in it!

Comfy in the Sling

Congrats on a beautiful baby, Jon and Abi!

Oh and for those of you who are looking around our site, yes, we do baby photos (in case you couldn’t tell from this post) and if you are a past client, we even have a special rate for you! Just e-mail [email protected] to inquire.