I’ve been looking forward to this wedding since Amanda contacted me in 2007, to see if we were available for July 19, 2008. We were already booked! That was ok though, since Brian hadn’t proposed yet.

As soon as he did, Amanda contacted us to see if we were booked for July 19, 2009. Thankfully, she was the first to inquire about that date!

You may remember Amanda and Brian from their engagement shoot in October.

Amanda got ready at her parent’s house and Brian got ready at his parent’s house…but he brought their dog.

Amanda and Brian getting ready.

Cool ring shot.

Ring photo

Amanda having difficulty getting the ring on.  She finally succeeded after much laughter.  When these two were told it was time to kiss, they KISSED!!!  There was no way we could miss that photo :-).


Happy to be together.

Happy to be together forever

Here’s the animated version.


Amanda and her maid of honour had the same tattoo in the same place.  Her bridesman is in the photo on the right.


The wedding party.  I think Amanda was having a little too much fun with Brian’s kilt!

Wedding party

I love the kilt backdrop.

Fun against the kilts

Check out the shoes and the dagger.  I bet it took the men longer to get ready than it took Amanda!  Did I tell you Brian chose her awesome dress?


Brian and Amanda.

Amanda and Brian

We all got to ride in these little golf carts to the photo area.  Amanda and Brian got the retro cart.

Retro golf car

Amanda’s dad gave quite the speech!

Dad speech

Brian’s dad gave a good one too, as you can see from their reactions.


Cake cutting and bouquet toss. Isn’t it cool that the cake matches her dress?

Cake cutting and bouquet toss

They did a choreographed Scottish style first dance!

First dance

Garter toss.

Garter toss

I’m not 100% sure, but I think the bagpipers were a surprise.


Congratulations, Brian and Amanda!

As everyone kept saying “It’s about time.” 😉