Greg called me less than two months ago to ask if I was available on his wedding day. Fortunately, I was. Fang came in the next day and we got along immediately.  She had me laughing a lot and I hope the reverse is true too!

They told me their wedding was going to be fairly laid back with under 35 guests and that they were going to get married at Toronto City Hall. They were originally planning to have their reception in their condo’s party room, but it got changed at the last minute to The America Restaurant in the Trump Hotel because the condo party room was not yet finished. That restaurant was an excellent choice because the venue was perfect for the number of guests and the food was scrumptious!

I arrived to take photos of Fang getting ready in their condo.  I knew they were serious about being laid back when she invited Greg to come and see her just after she finished getting ready.  I love his expression upon first seeing her in her wedding dress.

Fang Getting Ready and Greg seeing her for the first time

Fang and her guests are about to enter City Hall before the ceremony.

About to be married

Greg and his best man as well as the guests are eagerly awaiting the ceremony.

Waiting to get married

Ring exchange!

Greg and Fang ceremony | Putting on the ring

They are very happy to have their marriage license.


We took a photo of all the guests at City Hall.

Wedding guests at City Hall

I was so happy that the iconic Toronto sign was still up in front of City Hall! Fang is originally from China and she is eager to show these photos to her relatives who are still there.  This is Toronto!

Bridal party in front of iconic Toronto sign at Nathan Phillip's Square

They were pretty happy to celebrate with some champagne after the ceremony.

Bride and groom in limo

Portrait of the bride and portrait of the groom at U of T.

Bride and groom

Bridal party.  Fang’s daughter is beside her.

Bridal party

Bridesmaids and Fang with her two brothers, who also now live in Toronto.

Bridal party at U of T and bride with brothers at U of T

Family and bridal party.  Greg’s mom (in the green dress) came from England. She only came for 3 days because her other son is getting married next Saturday in England!

Bridal party

Being playful.

Fun bride and groom wedding photo

Bride kissing groom on the cheek

Photos at Hart House. I was thrilled to be back there taking photos, because I had my own wedding reception there over a decade ago!

Bride and groom at Hart House

I could not resist the light or their expressions.

Portrait of bride and groom

West meets East.  Bridal portraits.

Western bride/Eastern bride



Recording the speeches.

Wedding photo through a phone

Congrats on such an awesome wedding day, Fang and Greg! Thanks again for allowing so much time for portraits and for having me there to photograph it.