Here are a few photos of my daughter, Julia on Halloween.

She enjoyed trick-or-treating, but was very scared of the people wearing “Mask-es-e” as she likes to say.  She kept telling us she didn’t want to see any more of them.

The bumblebee costume did not stop her from riding her trike!  In the photo on the right, she is ‘taking off her helmet’…she kind of reminds me of a Nascar driver in that one.

Bumblebee on tricycle

I accidentally knocked over one of these pumpkin lights, so of course, she insisted on putting it back.

Picking up a fallen pumpkin light

Hanging with grandpa before the big night out.

Julia and grandpa

Practicing trick-or-treating (on left) and actually trick-or-treating (on right).  She was a little bit apprehensive as that was our second house.


Happy girl now that she knows what Halloween is all about!  Oh…this was also just after I gave her a spoonful of honey, since I told her that if she was a bumblebee that’s what she should eat.

Happy girl!

Hope you had a great Halloween!