You may remember this awesome happy couple from their engagement shoot, which was just a few weeks ago.  If you think they couldn’t stop smiling at their engagement session, you should have seen them at their wedding reception!

They did something a little unconventional and got married on a different day at City Hall, and had us for the reception only at the super artsy billiards club (which I overheard had the 3rd greatest selection of liquors in Toronto 2 years ago and possibly to this day), The Academy of Spherical Arts.  That place is great for photos and has tonnes of character! It’s a good thing too, because it was pouring rain outside, so we did all the photos indoors.

Here are Geoff and Bernadette.

Geoff and Bernadette

Anytime he got anywhere close to her, she had a big smile.

The happy couple

Admiring the rings

Shooting pool photo (inspired by Edward Hopper‘s artwork).

Bride and groom shooting pool

They took some dance classes together!

The happy couple

Bernadette is pretty happy to have snagged one of Malaysia’s top 50 bachelor’s. Yes, that is Geoff on the right hand side of the page. He taught English in Malaysia and one of his students submitted his info to the magazine.

One of Malaysia's top 50 bachelor's.

Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil.  Three brothers.  Don’t they look alike? The brother on the left came all the way from South Africa for the wedding!


Cheers! Geoff and Bern made sure they made it around to every table.

Cheers with the guests

The speeches were a big hit.

Bride's speech


Bride laughing at groom's speech

Bernadette’s family is Filipino, so they incorporated a traditional Filipino money dance.

Money dance and dancing

Of course, there was a reception dance as well and the guests really got down and on the dance floor!


Special thanks to Amelia Thornton from Flirt Photography for second shooting with me.

Congrats again, Bern and Geoff!!!!