Rob and Kim’s wedding was an extra special one, because Rob was my husband’s best man 5 years ago and we have been looking forward to the day where Rob would get married and Vu could return the favour ever since our own wedding!  It was also fun to photograph a wedding where my husband was in the wedding party.

We are happy that Rob found a lovely bride who also lives a lot closer to us, as he will now be moving!

The weather was about as perfect as it gets in Ottawa in mid-October.  Sunny and warm enough to take photos outdoors without suffering TOO badly.

Rob and Kim got married at the Bethel Pentecostal Church . We then headed to the Central Experimental Farm/Arboretum.  Interestingly enough, the last time we photographed an Ottawa wedding we went there for photos as well!  The reception took place at Capones Catering in the Nepean Sportsplex, which is where Rob proposed.

Can you guess what hockey team Rob cheers for?

Ring photos

The girls are all laughing, because there was a freakout moment, where the ringbearer’s daddy came into the room exclaiming that his pants were too small.  Fortunately, he’d been in such a rush that he’d put the 6 months old’s pants on the 2 year old.  Phew!!

Girls getting ready


Kim's father handing her over to Rob



Rob and Kim


Kim’s daughter, Tristan is really happy that Rob is now part of the family.

Rob and Tristan, Kim

Kim attempting to kiss Rob



Speech reactions

One of my favourite moments from the wedding was when Kim’s sister (and Maid of Honour) told us about how she’d asked Kim’s 6 year old daughter Tristan (on the right of the photo), if she wanted to get married. She was very surprised when Tristan answered “No,” but then Tristan continued, “I wanted to marry Rob, but mommy is already marrying him.”  Tristan and her friend squealed with laughter as that stroy was repeated!

Two very happy little girls


Bouquet catch

Garter toss

Other Vendors:  Florist-Ottawa Flowers | DJ-Quality Entertainment | Wedding Co-ordinator-Angela Beland (mother of the groom) | Cake maker – Artistic Cake designs | Reception Hall and Food-Capone’s Catering | Wine-Wine Villa Stittsville | Limousine Service-Fantasty Limousine |

Special thanks to Samantha Moonsammy of Starfish Events for helping me find an Ottawa based second shooter and Hugh Durant of Jones Digital Solutions for second shooting with me!

Congrats again, Rob and Kim!!! We’re looking forward to seeing you more often now that you’ll live closer!