Jay and Jenn are nature lovers, so it was only fitting that they decided to get married at Riverstone Retreat, which features an Econest lodging built with sustainable materials from the property.  It also features a river, campsite, forest and other lodgings.

Here is Jenn getting ready!

Jenn getting ready

Jay has a laugh just before the ceremony begins.

Jay laughing before the ceremony

The cellist practiced in an unconvential manner before the ceremony began.  Jenn’s parents walked her down the aisle.

Cellist and walking down the aisle

They smiled at each other throughout the ceremony and continued to do so after.


Jay’s family outside the main dwelling.


Taking a break from the heat with a rest in the shade.

Jay and Jenn

The ceremony took place in this awesome forest, so we decided to do bridal party photos there as well.

Bridal party

Bridal party in forest

We found this old CN train and thought it would make for some cool pictures.

On the CN train

Their reception took place outdoors.

Reception and forest

Don’t you love that sky?


Cake cutting! The top layer was for the bridal party and the cupcakes were for all the guests. Yum!

Cake cutting



A loving kiss.


Congratulations, Jay and Jenn! We hope you are having a fabulous honeymoon!