Phil and Yi are friends of ours, so I was very excited when they asked if I could take pictures of them at Sunnyside Pavilion on their wedding day, after their private ceremony.

This is in the courtyard garden.

Phil and Yi in the Sunnyside garden

Phil’s wedding attire transforms him into a snazzy and elegant gentleman, while Yi looks ravishing in her elegant gown.

Phil and Yi Sunnyside interior

They could not stop smiling as they walked along the boardwalk!

Walking along the boardwalk

Isn’t that the picture of happiness?

Toronto skyline

Taking a kissing break.

Phil and Yi kissing

Enjoying a quiet moment together on the beach.

Cuddles on the beach

This was upstairs in the private open air area of the pavilion.  I was super excited they were having their reception there, because you can only access it if you’re invited to a wedding there or having a private event.

Inside Sunnyside

Upstairs and outside the Pavilion.


This is the post-reception reception at Sneaky Dee’s.  Phil is the one in the red shirt.  Both Phil and Yi LOVE rock music, so it was only appropriate that their evening reception took place at a concert venue.

Sneaky Dee's