I was extremely excited about photographing Esther and Alan’s wedding, because I knew that if it was half as much fun as our downtown engagement session, it would be a blast! They did not let me down!

Esther’s bridesmaids helping her get into her dress.


Alan’s reaction when he saw Esther for the first time on the wedding day (which was before the ceremony).

Alan's reaction to seeing Esther on the wedding day

We went to Wychwood Barns for some photos, which was very close to where they live!

Bridal party at Wychwood Barns

The girls. Don’t you love how they are all wearing slighlty different dresses that compliment each other?


The guys relaxing for a photo.

Groom and groomsmen

Isn’t this wedding gown spectacular?! I was VERY excited to finally get my radiopoppers working for the images below!


I just love how he is looking at her and how she is laughing.


The Old Mill in Etobicoke.  This is very close to our home studio!

Old Mill Etobicoke

The ceremony.  Look at how happy they are to be married! We were not allowed to use any flash at all during the ceremony and the chapel at The Old Mill is dark, but that was a fun challenge.


The families join together.

Esther and Alan's families

Esther is originally from Singapore, so they played some traditional Chinese wedding games.  In this one, she was blindfolded and she had to guess which hand belonged to Alan.  She got it right immediately!

Which hand belongs to Alan?

A few men put on headscarves and other womanly clothing articles and Esther was led out of the room. When she came back, she had to find Alan.  Again, she found out who he was almost immediately!

There he is!

This cake was as delicious as it appears.

Cake cutting

Party time!

Party on the dance floor!