Stacey and John made the best of the weather on their wedding day.

I love how the limo driver is smiling while holding the umbrella as Stacey gets out of the car.

Stacey getting out of the limo

Stacey’s father hands her over, with a handshake and a look that says “I trust you to take good care of her now.”
They got married at St. Michael’s in Oakville.

Father handing over Stacey

The ceremony.

Church service

It was POURING when we were supposed to take outdoor photos, so we did a lot of them in the church, but we got REALLY lucky, because the rain cleared up after the ceremony and we were able to go outside for some photos!!!  I was super excited because the light was awesome!

Bridal party

This was on the Oakville waterfront.  I love how the sky and the water are similar colours.  The bridal party colours really came out in these photos as well.

Bridal party on Oakville waterfront

Bridal party on the rocks.

Bridal party on rocks

Kissy, kissy if you can catch her!


Stacey requested a ‘smelling the bouquet photo’.  I also love this photo of her in front of the rocks.


First dance as a married couple at Le Dome.

Stacey and John dancing

Father daughter dance.

Father daughter dance

Mother son dance.

Mother son dance

Cake cutting and John having too much fun giving his speech!

Cake cutting and speech

The ringbearer and flower girl showed how it was done on the dance floor.

Flower girl and ring bearer on the dance floor

Congrats, Stacey and John! We hope you are having a fabulous honeymoon in Italy!