These photos were all taken just before Gianna had her first communion.  We were very lucky as it was pouring rain about 10 minutes before our photo session started.  The rain let up just in time!

Gianna is looking very mature. 


Having a tickle match with her sisters Amanda and Brianna. Don’t you love their dresses?

Jenna and her sisters

These sisters definitely know how to have fun together!

Amanda, Jenna and Brianna

Amanda taking Gianna’s picture on the swing. 


Gianna receives some advice as younger sister, Amanda looks on (during their lunch break).


Dancing with a relative and riding on her scooter-mom’s idea! Cool mom, eh? 

Having some fun

Smiling with mom and smiling with dad.

Jenna and her mom and Jenna and her dad

The whole family.

Family on the swing

Gianna with her parents and Gianna having fun with her whole family (another ticklefest)!

Jenna's family