Jennifer and Allen celebrated their wedding engagement at the Shangri-La Hotel in downtown Toronto. They currently live in Indiana and they will be having their wedding reception at the end of the month in Taipei, Taiwan.  Their guests came from all over and included many from Asia.

Jennifer and Allen were left this little note in their hotel room.

Shangri-la hotel welcome

Jennifer’s sister Pearl gets her make-up done.

Getting ready

Jennifer and Allen looking out the window just before heading down for cocktails.

Before the engagement party

The gorgeous room before the guests arrived.

Shangri-La Hotel reception

Guests couldn’t resist admiring this baby at cocktail hour.

Fawning over a baby during cocktail hour

These 5 year old triplets came all the way from Chicago. Their mom told me, “We really, really love Jen.”


Jen’s sister Christine reviews her speech.  Her other sister, Pearl is happy to be at the reception with her boyfriend.


I love how Jen is looking at him lovingly as he fixes her necklaces.

Fixing her necklace

The first dance was very short, but it looked like they had a lot of fun.

First dance

First dance

These were some of the best desserts I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.  The brownies had crunchy salted caramel at the bottom.  There were also melt in your mouth macaroons and passion fruit pudding.

Dessert table

Allen’s family (on the left) came all the way from Taipei for this party.  The families will meet again for the wedding.

Allen’s cousins and brother.

Allen's cousins

The bartender poured 18 shots of vodka.

Celebratory drinks

Congrats on your amazing engagement party, Jennifer and Allen!  If your engagement party was this much fun, I can only imagine what a blast your wedding will be!