Mike and I are second cousins, but we had only met two or three times so far, as he grew up in Chicago while I grew up in the GTA.

I was pretty thrilled when he asked me if I would be available to photograph his wedding in Ile d’Orleans (just outside Quebec city) this summer.  It would be Rabbat Photography’s first Rabbat wedding and more importantly, we would get to know each other better.

Sophie and Michael are now living in Montreal, so they came to Toronto recently for the engagement session. My husband assisted, so it was kind of like a double date too. When I asked them what they liked to do together, they said “When we’re in Toronto we like going to the St. Lawrence Market. We also like eating and we met each other doing yoga.”  We incorporated all of their loves into their engagement session, which we all later referred to as a ‘gastronomical tour of Toronto’.  We all had a blast and I am so happy that I get to photograph their wedding and have them in my family!

Here they are getting peameal bacon buns at the St. Lawrence Market.  Sophie got them every week as a child.

St Lawrence Market Toronto Engagement Photos Rabbat Photography

Laughing between bites.

Engagement photos at the St Lawrence Market (Rabbat Photography)

They were so sweet they actually got those flowers for me for Mother’s Day (which was the day after this shoot)! The last time I saw Mike was on my very first mother’s day.

Toronto downtown engagement photos in St. Lawrence Market area

We headed to the beaches but made a stop at Ed’s Real Scoop along the way. You have to try their burnt marshmallow. They also have gelato.

Engagement Photos at Ed's Real Scoop

Enjoying ice cream at Ed's Real Scoop

After the ice cream (Toronto engagement photos)

Yoga on the beach!

Toronto yoga engagement photos on the beach

Yoga on the beach

Toronto engagement photos on the beach

We headed to Chinatown for dinner, but stopped in the Chinatown/Kensington area for some photos first.

Engagement photo in Chinatown

Sophie and her mom used to regularly shop at Courage My Love  and when Vu and I suggested Lee Garden for dinner Sophie would not listen to any other options, because just like me, she grew up going there and eating their amazing dishes (like chicken in a taro nest with mango and filet mignon and avocado). Yum!!!

Toronto Kensington market and Chinatown engagement photos

Thanks so much for an amazing day!!! I can’t wait for your wedding!