Joanne and Stan came to meet with me last year and I knew for certain that I would get along well with them when we ran into each other at a Toronto Furies hockey game! The Furies are our professional women’s hockey team, which some of our Olympians play on. They also won the Clarkson Cup (the women’s equivalent of the Stanley Cup).

Besides their love for hockey, it was obvious at my first meeting with them that they also have a love for life. Every time I met with them, we were smiling and laughing.

Joanne was super, duper excited to have finally found love and Stan was equally excited to be marrying her.

Joanne’s friend helped her sew her dress before the ceremony.  Thank goodness she was on hand, since Joanne’s dress was a little too big and that friend is a coutourier. It fit perfectly again when she was done sewing!

Bride getting dress sewn and bride going about her daily routine

I know the bride looking out the window photo has become a little cliche, but Joanne said she really does love looking out the window…plus this was the best way to show off the back of her bridal gown!

Bride and groom portraits

They smiled and looked at each other lovingly throughout the entire ceremony.

Wedding ceremony at the Old Mill Chapel

The first kiss happened before it was time for the ‘official first kiss,’ and Stan made it last a long time.  Take note brides and grooms, if you want a first kiss photo it is a good idea to hold it and kiss for as long as possible!

First kiss as a married couple

The bridal party in front of the water fountain.

Wedding party in front of fountain at The Old Mill

Joanne and her Matron of Honour and cousin.

Bride and Matron of Honour

I love Stan’s positioning in the photo below.  I want to call it the ‘classic Stan’ pose.


Just outside the Old Mill right before the reception.

Bride and groom portraits

The room was beautifully decorated.

Wedding table set up at the Old Mill in Etobicoke

First dance as a married couple!

First dance

Joanne and her friends having a blast dancing throughout the reception.

Dancing at the reception

Congrats again, Stan and Joanne! Thanks so much for letting me share and capture the joy of your wedding day.  It was truly an honour.