I had the pleasure of photographing Anita and Craig’s wedding in 2006, so I was super excited to see them again when they emailed asking if I could take some maternity/family photos. They already have an adorable almost 2 year old! Here are 3 of my favourites (though it was really hard to choose!  I may share more on the blog once they have seen all their images in person 🙂  I chose these ones because they are so engaged with each other and the little one.

Maternity photos with a 2 year old

I love how every toddler plays the ‘drop it/pick it up again’ game (well, except when it’s my own and it’s applesauce or something messy like that). Amazingly, his parents are still amused!  Of course, a Thomas puzzle with no pieces on it isn’t hard to pick up!

Family Portrait

Can’t wait to photograph the baby when he comes out of the belly in August (or maybe late July)!