I asked Jenn if there was a special place for her and Derek where we could take engagement photos, and I was very excited when she said, “Yes.  We can take them where he proposed.”  Not only did this place have special meaning for them, it was also a beautiful place!!! Thank you, Jenn and Derek for introducing me to Joker’s Hill .  What a cool spot for photos, hiking, biking and canoodling.  When I looked it up, I learned that it is U of T property, which surprised me since it is in Newmarket.

Where he proposed

Happy Memories

Jenn had an awesome idea of incorporating helium balloons into the shoot.  She picked up 4 balloons, but there were so many dragon flies that the 3 white ones popped in about 5 minutes!

Engagement Photos with Helium Balloons

One of my favourite parts of this session was when Derek went to get Yogi (the toy poodle) and Yogi came running into Jenn’s arms!  They both love the dog so much it’s almost like they have a child, as you can see from the images.  Jenn and Derek spent a year in South Korea together and Yogi is from South Korea (which is funny for those of you who speak Korean, since Yogi means “Come here,” so when they say, “Come here, Yogi” it sounds like they are saying “Come here, come here).

Happy Dog

Engagement Photos with the dog

Happy together


Congratulations again, Jenn and Derek! How am I going to wait a whole year to photograph your wedding when your engagement session was this much fun!?  I’m looking forward to it in 2012!