As you may or may not know, my husband, baby Emily and I (Julia stayed with her grandparents), went to Omaha, Nebraska for our friends wedding!

We didn’t know what to expect from that Midwestern town, but it had a lot more to offer than we would’ve guessed.  For one thing, they have a world-class zoo.  Their zoo features a geodesic desert dome and the world’s only indoor rainforest, among other things!

Here is one of the desert animals.

Henry Doorly Zoo Animal

The following animals were hanging out in the indoor rainforest.

Monkey on tree

It was amazing watching this guy jump like he did for food!  It was a long way down, but he never fell…as he literally hung on by the tail.

Getting food

I love baby monkeys!  The parrots were a little bit scary because they squawked angrily.

Monkeys and parrots

Lisa and Brent’s wedding took place the next day.  I was there as a guest and I was wearing my baby for most of the time, so I only took a few images.  You will be able to see more photos on the fabulous Courtney Patch’s blog (while you’re there, check out her amazing India photos!!!).

I took a photo of Brent while he was waiting for Lisa, then I decided to put down my camera and watch her walk down the aisle.

Waiting at the altar

I had to take a picture of their bus driver, because he told me he always liked to wear suits that matched the wedding party’s outfits.


They had their reception at the Ackerhurst-Eipperhurst dairy barn.  My husband asked me to take his photo in front of it.

At the Farm

Lisa and Brent talking to a guest inside the hall.  Note the Indian food on their plates. They had an Indian food buffet! It was delicious!


Guests were asked to write a message on that chalkboard. I like how hard this little girl is trying.

Writing a message


Us at the wedding

Lisa and Brent’s first dance.

First dance

This is probably the first couple who have made me feel short!

Us with the bride and groom

Congrats again, Lisa and Brent!!! Thanks for having us at your wedding.

Omaha is great for walks as it has a river, walking paths, etc.

Missouri River

Ted and Wally’s has amazing ice cream.  My husband had some baklava flavoured ice cream and I had vanilla cola.

Ted and Wally's Ice Cream

This looks like a war vehicle, but it’s really for war against the weather.  The people filmed the movie Tornado Alley were in this vehicle when they filmed it.

Tornado Vehicle

The Josyln Art Museum features over 16, 000 pieces. Check out the Chihuly at the front.

Josyln Museum

There was a recording playing as these statues talked to each other at the Durham Museum, which used to be a train station.  When were there, we also got to see all the Pulitzer Prize winning photographs, which was an amazing experience, but of course, no photos were allowed.

Lincoln Museum

I hope you now feel like you’ve had a little taste of Omaha!