Millie and Nuno were introduced to me by my good friend, Erika, who is also a good friend of theirs, so I knew they would be great people.

Erika and Millie know each other from Flamenco dancing at Cristina Pora’s ballet school.

Militza was already dressed when I arrived. I caught her reflections in these mirrors. I love how they had one mirror on top of another at slightly different angles.
Militza reflection

We went outside for a quick photo of the bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids and flower girl

Meanwhile, my associate, Sarah was outside at Nuno’s place, taking photos of the groomsmen.


They arrived at the church before us, where she took a few pictures of Nuno before the ceremony.


Millie’s mom walked her down the aisle of Sts. Martha and Mary parish.  As  you can see, Millie was quite excited.

Mom walking bride down aisle

Sometimes I love the anticipating photos even more than the standard photos during a ceremony.  I love how they both look so happy in the photo shown below.

Listening and anticipating marriage at the ceremony

I forget what was so funny, but the Matron of Honour is sure having a good laugh!

Laughing at ceremony

We went to the Humber Arboretum for the bridal party photos.

Bridal party photos at Humber Arboretum

One of the really great things about the Aboretum is that is has both indoor and outdoor areas.

Groomsmen picking up groom

Nuno loves Batman, so he was wearing batman cufflinks.

batman button cuff

Bride with veil

Millie wanted a photo showing the back of her dress.

Back of bridal dress and portrait of bride and groom

First dance at Le Parc.

Bride and groom first dance

Millie’s Niece and Nephew sang a beautiful duet.

Special duet for the bride and groom

I have rarely seen a bride and groom enjoying doing their wedding speech together as much as these two!

Bride and groom giving their speech

Their speech certainly cracked up the bridal party.

Laughing at reception

Nuno and his mom enjoy the mother-son dance.

Groom and mom dance

Erika leads the flamenco group in a dance performance for the wedding reception.

Flamenco dance

Bouquet toss, of course.

Bridal bouquet toss

Congrats again on your marriage, Nuno and Millie!  I am looking forward to seeing you again, soon.