Every Wednesday throughout the year, I go to The Palais Royale for their charity lunch, put on by Pegasus Hospitality Group.  As far as I am concerned, it is the best deal in the city.  $15, all you can eat, gourmet food and all proceeds go to three different charities (Hellenic Hope Centre, Carmelina’s Home and Join the Dance Canada).

Surprisingly, after 13 years of photographing weddings and 14 years of swing dancing (including several dances at this historical venue), I have yet to photograph a wedding or even get an inquiry to photograph a wedding at the Palais Royale, though I would love that opportunity.

A few weeks ago, when we were at the Wednesday lunch, they came around to tell us about Santa’s Brunch.  I happened to be there with my parents, who convinced me that it would be worth it to get the kids there at 8:30 AM on a Saturday morning.  We are not morning people and even on weekdays, we rarely even wake up before 8:15. Luckily, Julia’s school doesn’t start until 9:15.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were absolutely right!  My children definitely agreed.

I love the font of the Palais’ entrance sign.

Palais Royal sign

The elves and reindeer are always hard at work.

Hardworking Elves

Santa Claus arrives!

Santa at the Palais Royale

Tire is quite possibly my favourite food of all time. I always had in Quebec when we went to visit my grandma and uncle growing up, so I only ever heard it by the French name (tire), but at Breakfast with Santa, I learned that it is called maple taffy.

Tire at Palais Royale

These elves were quite funny. My daughter was, however, convinced that the one dressed in green was actually Peter Pan.

Storytime with the elves

My children were quite happy to meet Santa. They were also extremely happy when they each received a colouring book from him. Note the deer on the right.  Emily was very upset that she did not see Rudolph at Santa’s Village this summer, but when Santa was holding the deer, she was convinced that it was Rudolph (in spite of that deer not having a red nose and actually, quite possibly being a moose…).

Visiting Santa

Merry Christmas!