Scott and Steph may look familiar from their engagement photo session, which you can see here: https://www.rabbatphoto.com/blog/2014/08/scott-and-stephs-engagement-photos-at-the-distillery-district-and-the-roundhouse/.

I was pretty excited to photograph their wedding at The Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club, since they were so nice to work with for their engagement photos.   Their wedding was of course, no different. Scott is American and did not yet have Canadian citizenship, so from what I understand, they went through a few stressful forced separation periods, which as the cliche goes, only made their love grow stronger.

Bride and groom portraits

Scott and Steph were totally fine with seeing each other before the ceremony, so we did  what is called a reveal.  A reveal is done before the ceremony. Typically, one half of the couple waits for the photographer while the other sneaks up behind their betrothed, revealing themselves for the first time.  Reveals can make for some emotional moments!

As the couple have seen each other before the ceremony, they will usually do the formal photos (portraits with the wedding party and their families) before the ceremony as well, so they can party with  the guests right after the ceremony (and take formal photos while everyone’s make-up is still fresh).

The reason the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony began is that brides and grooms used to have arranged marriages. These were considered a business deal, where the bride’s father would exchange his daughter for land and wealth.  No father wanted to risk the groom’s family saying ‘no’ if his daughter did not meet the groom’s expectations on the attractiveness scale, so they did not chance it by letting them see each other first.

Today, many couples don’t envision seeing each other until their walk down the altar, because they are afraid it will ruin the magic of seeing each other for the first time when they are heading towards their vows, but from what I have seen, they just get extra magic during the reveal and the moment is still there during the ceremony.

Scott was very impatient to see Steph.


I always love it when groom’s get emotional.  He was super excited to finally be marrying her.


We did the formal photos immediately after the reveal. It was really cold outside, but we managed to get a few.  I love the purple ties, shirts and bridesmaids dresses!

Bridal party

Bride and groom portraits

Everyone loves a musician, right?

Seducing her with the piano

Scott was grinning like this throughout the ceremony.

Emotional wedding ceremony from the groom's perspective

Steph was also grinning at Scott throughout the ceremony.


They told me in advance that they were going to take a selfie at the end of the ceremony for immigration purposes. Hopefully, this immediate proof of their marriage is speeding up the process!

Immigration selfie

My associate, Sarah, always told me that her favourite part of a wedding is immediately after the ceremony when all the people closest to the couple congratulate them and show their emotions.  Steph’s grandma congratulates her and her mom welcomes Scott into the family.

After the ceremony

They honoured their deceased loved ones with photos on their bouquets.

Memorial photos on bouquet

Scott and his daughter, Kayla, who lives in Kentucky, where she is studying to become a vet.

Groom and his daughter

I think there was a bet that Steph wouldn’t get emotional.  The speeches were just that good.

Emotional moment during speech

First dance.

Scott and Steph first dance

Cake cutting and time to party!!!

Cake cutting and dancing at the reception

Congratulations on your wedding! Thank you for bringing the emotions and not being afraid to show them in front of the camera.  Scott, I hope you get your citizenship really soon!!!