I have been photographing Melissa’s family for years as part of Joanna’s multigeneration family photos, (since she is married to Joanna’s brother), so I was delighted when she gave her parents a Rabbat Photography gift certificate for Christmas so her side of the family could do multigeneration family portraits! Thanks so much for having me photograph your family!

Multigeneration family portraits in Milton

Grandparents with grandchildren.

Multigeneration Family Photo

Multigeneration family photo at Kelso conservation area. It isn’t easy to coordinate this many families, but they did it!

This is the couple that started it!

This is the couple that started it! Thanks again, Melissa for thinking of gifting your parents this session for Christmas!

Mom and son. Cousins.

Dad did photos with his daughter, so mom got with one her son. He and his cousin then requested a photo together.

Dad and daughter photos in Milton

Dad and daughters.

Taking time out from raising young children to give each other a hug

Hugs between parenting.

Youngest family members

Youngest family members.

Happy couple

Happy couple.

Family portraits in Milton

Family of four, plus an individual photo!

Matching eyes

Grandma asked for a photo of their matching eyes, but this happened instead and made for a funnier photo.

Sisters piggybacking

Sisters piggybacking.

Seven kids

Cousins, siblings, grandkids, sons, daughters.