I was pretty excited when I met with Lais and Andris and we started talking about how we all had Canada’s Wonderland season passes. We then discussed doing their engagement photos at Winterfest! Anyone who knows me knows that amusement parks are my happy place, and I was eager to do a nighttime engagement session with lights, carols, and rides in the background.  You don’t need to wait until winter is over to get great photos!

Congratulations again on your engagement!

Winter wonderland engagement photos underneath arch with Christmas decorations.

I love how they decorate for Winterfest at Wonderland!

Romantic photo in front of lit up Wonder Mountain at night. Canada's Wonderland Winterfest.

Wonder Mountain.

Engagement Photos in front of Christmas windows. Couple on bench under Christmas arch outside of store.

Isn’t window shopping in December romantic?

Couple looking at camera in front of lit up Christmas tree.

I love the bokeh of the Christmas lights!

Couple in front of arch with Christmas decorations, ready to kiss. Winterfest at Canada's Wonderland.

We loved this arch in front of one of the stores.

Canada's Wonderland Winterfest couple photos. Woman looking lovingly at man with circular ride lit up and in motion behind them.

Many of the rides were still running and they looked really neat with the lights on!

Two photos in black and white of a couple in front of a lit up Christmas tree at night. Winterfest at Canada's Wonderland.

Photos in front of one of the biggest Christmas trees I’ve ever seen.

Engagement photo in front of a carousel with the carousel in motion and the couple staying still in front of it at Canada's Wonderland Winterfest.

I always wanted to get a photo where the couple was in focus and the people on the carousel were not. Thanks for indulging me Lais and Andris!

Woman on carousel, man smiling at her lovingly at Canada's Wonderland Winterfest

A little romancing before the ride started.

Romantic engagement photo in front of the fire at Canada's Wonderland Winterfest

Where are the chestnuts? Everyone enjoyed the warmth of this fire!