Kim and Kristjan are always up for adventures, so I was delighted to photograph them because they were willing to try just about anything! They met riding dune buggies and sandboarding in Peru!  He works as a pilot, so they both really get around. They are also both nature lovers.  I think Winne the Pooh’s saying applies to them, “As soon as I saw you I knew a grand adventure was about to happen.”  After all, they were on an adventure when they met, and to quote another children’s author, Lewis Caroll, “Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures!”

Two side by side vertical photos of a recently engaged couple in front of a tree with lots of yellow leaves in the fall. In the photo on the right, they are looking at the camera. In the photo on the left, they are hugging and facing each other. Photos at James Gardens

The bright yellow leaves of the tree behind them definitely caught my attention!

Happily engaged couple at James Gardens. Photo of the two of them looking at the camera on the left and photo of them looking at each other on the right. Photos took place in the fall, when the sun was starting to set. There are lots of trees changing colours behind them.

The light really changed when the sun started to set.

Couple touching foreheads on left, Different photo of the couple sitting on a tree branch on the right. at James Gardens

I love how Kimberley climbed a tree and Kristjan happily joined her.

Black and white photo of a couple holding hands, with her engagement ring showing at James Gardens in Etobicoke.

This photo worked best in black and white, but please pay close attention to the ring in the next photo.

Hands wrapped around waist of woman. Can see things and shoulders, but not faces. Engagement ring is turquoise.

Check out the colour of her ring! It’s turquoise.

Man dipping a woman in a beautiful background full of fall trees and bushes.. Beautiful view of James Gardens in the fall in the background

Getting ready for the dip at the end of a dance. The view behind them is why James Gardens is one of my favourite places to do photos in the fall.

Couple sitting in a tree smiling at each other from the waist up at James Gardens

They are smiling because the tree branch they are sitting on is still holding them (just kidding).

Couple sitting on a bench looking lovingly into each other's eyes in the fall at James Gardens.

I love the way they are looking at each other!

Reflection in water of a couple holding hands and touching heads at James Gardens.


Couple of having a leaf fight at James Gardens!

Sometimes it’s fun to do something you did as a child with your future spouse. This is another reason I love doing fall sessions at James Gardens!

Man lifting up woman smiling while she is laughing so hard her head is back. Can only see from elbows up at James Gardens.

Love this natural laugh! I also love following your Instagram pages and finding out about all the exciting parts of the world you are discovering.  Thanks for sharing your adventures and thanks for being so open to trying new things during your engagement session.